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In The Ruck: Back to Back

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Glendale Raptors vs San Francisco Golden Gate Rhinos PRP Grand Final

GLENDALE, CO – MAY 14: Glendale Raptors vs San Francisco Golden Gate Rhinos in the PRP Grand Final at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado on May 14, 2016. (Photo by Seth McConnell)

A year ago (yesterday) I slammed my hand in a car door, requiring 7 stitches in my right index finger. My shooting finger. It was two days before the PRP Grand Final. I was on strict orders to rest for ten days. No shooting, no heavy lifting. I had covered the entire season, to miss the final left me feeling pretty terrible. Through a pretty heavy haze of pain killers I followed the game on Twitter. The Raptors won, bringing home their first PRP championship. When the Raptors secured their place in the final last Saturday, I knew I needed to I make sure to be extra careful this week. I wasn’t going to miss the final two years in a row. The caution was worth it. The Raptors took home their second straight PRP championship yesterday. Dominating San Francisco Golden Gate from the opening whistle. Congratulations to the Raptors and the entire organization. Thanks for looking.

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